Our professional 2-3 years dance study program offers a unique fusion of Vaganova-based Classical Ballet training with Vaganova Methodics, Contemporary/Modern Dance with Choreography/Composition as well as frequent stage experience through performances of the Benedict Manniegel Dance Company. Our goal is to help building expressive, technically strong and self-confident, self-responsible, versatile and creative dancer personalities who have a deep understanding of dance as performance, creation and transmission.

Where: Weltenburgerstrasse 53, Munich, Germany

When: season 2024/25

Deadline for applications: May 15th, 2024
In case there are still places available, we will re-open it again and accept further applications until June 15th, 2024.

Talents from 16 years of age and dance skills according to their age apply to audition for the Dance Vocational Program after they have finished their regular school. The (up to) 3 years full study program prepares them for auditions in state schools or directly for companies. Each school year finishes with an exam week and after having passed the final exam, the student may receive a diploma of our institution. To us, Classical Ballet is the base for performative quality. From there, various dance styles from neoclassical to contemporary emerge for the stage. Our intense, daily curriculum contains not only the traditional subjects Classical Ballet, Pointe/Repertoire, Modern/Contemporary Dance, Academic Character Dance and Muscle Strengthening, but also Vaganova Ballet Methodics, Pas de Deux (if men available), Choreography/Composition as well as frequent stage experience in performances of the Benedict Manniegel Dance Company (Junior Program).

How to apply / register:
To apply, please send the following material to academy@benedictmanniegel.com:
> CV
> Portrait photo
> A whole body photo in ballet clothing, bare feet
> Video link: 10 Minutes of classical training with the following exercises:
– At the barre: Plié, Tendu with Jeté, Fondu with rond de jambe en láir, Developpé, Grand battement
– Middle: Small Adagio with grand tours, Tendu with small turns, (pirouette), one small Allegro, (jump), middle or big jump, for men tour en l’air
– For women 2-3 exercises on point
– If available a classical variation and a small excerpt of contemporary/modern dance or improvisation

Costs for participants:
475.- Euros per month

Contact details:
Benedict Manniegel Ballet Academy
Weltenburgerstraße 53
81677 Munich
Email: academy@benedictmanniegel.de

For further information, please visit http://www.benedictmanniegel.de/en/academy

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