Founded in 2012 Dancing Opportunities has become one of the central resources for dancers worldwide.

We have established a loyal relationship with our audience, who trust the quality of what we provide.
With more than 90,000 sessions per month, Dancing Opportunities is the perfect platform for companies and organisations promoting their workshops, auditions, dance programmes, open calls, events, performances and products.

We offer:
• Banner ad spaces in six site locations.
Banner ads link directly to your website, where potential customers can engage with your services or products.
• International announcement of notices ( via the website, social media and newsletter ). To submit your notice, visit our submission page.
• Video featured notices.

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For the past 3 years DO has served our needs to get the Lewis Center for the Arts at Princeton University’s Fellowship application notices out to as many dancers as possible. Dancing Opportunities is one of the best resources to attract dancers in all genres.
Hope Vancleaf

Communications Assistant, The Lewis Center for the Arts, Princeton University

We exclusively posted our audition call on DO this time because that is where we are getting the best selection of applicants. And we have received feedback from dancers we work with that DO is their website of choice for finding out about international dance opportunities. So definitely now the site of choice for us.
Elena Polzer

Manager, Inhalt Christoph Winkler

Dancing Opportunities is an important and very visible source of info for dancers in the European dance scene (and further). Advertising with DO is a very efficient and inexpensive way of reaching this specific target audience.
Gary Feingold

Founder / Director, Henny Jurriens Foundation

Thank you so much, what an amazing power has this website!
I underestimated the power and speed of Dancing Opportunities and social media: I received so many emails in a few hours that I have enough opportunities and I am in contact with a suitable dancer already.
Nina Wijnmaalen


I do find DО very useful because it very well disseminates all the information on dance related upcoming activities. As a professional dance artist, I am looking to share my work with more professionals, students and people who are interested in dance. DO offers one of the best ways to spread your activity to the rest of the dance-souls in this world !!
Vangelis Legakis

Artistic Director

I find advertising on DO very useful and definitely recommend it. It has been a great help in supporting the activities that NOD organise. DO has helped us a lot regarding exposure.
Silvana Ranaudo

Artistic Director, Nuova Officina Della Danza of Torino

Companies and organisations that we have had the pleasure of working with