“Trans-form-action” creation and instant composition workshop in dance and physical theatre with jordi l. vidal

Where: Brussels, Belgium

When: Monday, February 24th to Friday, February 28th, 2020

Deadline for applications: Sunday, February 23rd

This workshop consists of an intensive exploration of theatricality, musicality, humor, emotions, states … from the physical energy of everyone.

It is an invitation to stay always open, to communicate and dialogue with its inside and its environment, in order to create in a surprising and original way.

It is based on a common point for everyone: the body and its expression, its presence, its spatial meanings, its conscious and unconscious images …

This laboratory gives the opportunity to those who do not know my work, to discover it and to those who have already worked with me, to deepen their practice.

this workshop is the result of over 30 years of professional career and artistic as well as philosophical research.


★ Acquire new improvisation tools, scenic and choreographic materials in order to create proposals from everyone’s inspiration.

★ Connect your imagination to body movement, through consciousness of “Here and Now”

★ (Re) discover expression into the movement; develop your personality as well as your creative potential.

Registration at https://forms.gle/eNGaynKeT8T6ispw9

Costs for participants: 175€
150€ Early bird offer before February 10th, 2020
125€ Unemployed, students, members of unima Belgium (on presentation of proof)

Contact details: Jordi l vidal company
tel: +32 478 32 99 78 (also whats app)

For further information, please visit http://www.jordilvidal.net/trans-form-action/

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