Free Workshop to create a series of 6 collective performances in public space. The creature is a collective being made of fabric and performers. Working with choreography, voice work, puppetry and improvisation dance, the creature evolve as a collective being dancing in the wind.

Where: Sculpture by the sea, Bondi Beach, Sydney

When: 6 times between october 22nd and November 11th

Deadline for applications: October 20th

Guided by Koa art collective, THE CREATURE performance is coming to Australia, invited by Sculptures by the sea Bondi 2019.

SCULPTURE BY THE SEA is the largest event of it’s kind, staging sculptures in the beautiful public space of Bondi beach, receiving 500’000 visitors each year. (see: )

Join us for this free workshop where we come together to develop this piece as a collective.
Guided by Katja Keya Richter and Raphaël Holt from Koa collective, this series of performances is an amazing opportunity to develop your practice of performance in public space and bring your unique spark in the group of 8 international artists.
Over the two weeks of the festival, we will meet, rehearse and perform 6 times on 6 different days. Katja and Raphaël will guide the collective process of creation, developing the piece by sharing their rich experience in dance, theater and performance.

We will perform together THE CREATURE as a living sculpture, dancing in the wind. A living organism interacting with the audience, changing the space, bringing questions and opportunities to meet in new ways.
Working with choreography, voice work, puppetry and improvisation dance, we will create together a performance where each performer is bringing their singularity to the collective.

This is a unique opportunity to co-create a piece in this gorgeous place in the middle of the sculptures and give life to the Creature.

Koa Art – Performance Collective
Berlin / Paris / Goa / Sydney
Koa art collective has been founded by Sarah Amalia Porro, Raphaël Holt and Katja Keya Richter. The collective stands for the courage to be present in movement and interactions in public space through dance, music and speech. Koa art performances bring people together in a collective creation process. Each time the form is a unique experience in dialogue with the context. Focusing on the rediscovery of the use of public space as a place of creation.

To apply, please send an email telling us about your background and motivation to participate.
Let us know about what question you would like to offer as a gift to the audience.
What would you like to bring in this specific space.

Contact details: Raphaël :

For further information, please visit

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