Contemporary Dance Classes with Stefano Fardelli for Professional Dancers in Luxembourg! Free for participants.

Where: TROIS C-L | 12, rue du Puits | L-2355 Luxembourg

When: 21st – 25th of January 2019, 10am – 11:30am

PROFESSIONAL CLASSES with Stefano Fardelli at TROIC-CL Choreographic Center of Luxembourg in Luxembourg City.

This class is meant to combine intelligence and creativity, awareness and harmony, intuition and aesthetics. With an active mind, and through a moving body, we will explore the concepts of space, weight and fluidity, in order to find some functional dynamics and a deeper knowledge of our structure and unity.
While experimenting these concepts and clearing them by occasional and guided improvisations, we will also study some combinations and sequences which, through the use of gravity and ground, will let us enjoy new qualities of movement.
Leaving the memories of old experiences behind, the students will discover new ways of facing their techniques through different space levels – floor and more – without forgetting lightness and freedom.

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Free for participants.

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