Creative Writing, an online platform for dance writing, invites you to submit a love letter to the dance world. It can be to a person, company, piece, technique or trend and can be published with the author’s name or anonymously.

Where: online

When: Fall 2019-Winter 2020

Deadline for applications: December 31, 2019

If you were to write a letter to something or someone dance related, who would it be to? A performer who changed the way you saw life? A piece that rocked you to your core? A choreographer that inspired you to throw caution to the wind and pursue a career on stage?

Creative Writing invites you to take a moment to gush, dwell, fantasize and swoon over a particular something that tickled you pink. Sit down, write them a love letter. We want to publish it!

To apply, please send love letters to

For further information, please visit

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