Female dancers for a 3 year contracted magic show at a Holliday park in Belgium. Sawing you in half, letting you levitate, do work on and backstage, … it’s magic.

Where: Holliday park, Houthalen-Helchteren, Belgium

When: Thursday and Saturdays

We got a long term contract of at least 3 years to do a magic show with big illusions, trained animals and loads of audience participation.

Looking for 2 female dancers who like working with children, are not scared of animals and don’t mind also doing backstage work.

2 shows a day, for the moment 4 and 8pm, about 1hour and 10 minutes a show we run and then there is also the set up and clean up to do as a team.

About 52-60 days a year, Thursdays and Saturdays of all school vacations in Belgium and Holland.

Fixed price per day (including 2 shows) is 130 euro’s, this includes everything: travel and your taxes, depending on how you bill us. VTA can be 0% we have a VTA nr.
Its not a big budget but its a long term commitment.

To apply email to Jo De Rijck, info@joderijck.com

For further information, please visit www.joderijck.com

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