Nadine Bommer’s unique movement language in collaboration with the Centre de Danse du Marais.
Kinetica was developed by choreographer Nadine Bommer and draws inspiration from the sea. It builds on following the kinetic energy (the energy of movement in space). Connecting with this energy creates a floating watery movement that has no defining form.

– Workshops are led by former company dancer Mor J Mizrachi

– Available for both dancers & non-dancers – *Exclusively * at the Centre de Danse du Marais.

Where: at Centre de Danse du Marais, Paris, France

When: 20.3.24 – 20.4.24

‘Kinetica’ is an Improvisational Movement Language developed by choreographer Nadine Bommer, inspired by the combination of the endless motion of the sea and kinetic energy in space. Kinetica invites participants to see life from a different perspective by connecting with oneself through movement. Originally developed for the Nadine Bommer Dance Company dancers, to provide unique and exciting movement to support the enrichment of her Animato work. Nadine feels privileged and blessed this technique has evolved for everyone’s well-being; now sharing this therapeutic technique with people all around the world. Through Kinetica, you will experience how to connect to the endless movements of nature and heal your body through a deeply powerful mind and body connection.

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– Drop in class (pay at the front desk)

Costs for participants: 20€ / 5 in 75€

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