Free professional morning classes with Jill Crovisier this summer in Berlin. During 7 weeks, research and creation residency Jill Crovisier will be working on the retransmission of the work The Hidden Garden on a male dancer. During some dates, the morning classes will be open from 10-12h.

Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany

25.07 – 28.07,
08.08 – 10.08 ,
13.08 – 17.08,
21.08 – 24.08,
27.08 – 28.08,
03.09 – 04.09,
07.09 – 09.09

Having a deep appreciation and passion for the craft of retransmission Jill offers a dance class that allows the dancer to warm up his body, his self-awareness in space and to surpass himself. The class is based on improvisation, the use of different techniques and structured exercises. Working on the JC movement, a personalized choreography signature, the class allows you to discover some knowledge of it while keeping the importance of individuality. The dancers will also learn a short phrase of a JC movement repertoire work and be part on new research material for upcoming creations. Jill Crovisier will be in the Uferstudios for a research/ creation residency and the dancers who follow the morning class are taking part in the research. Each dancer will be asked to fill at the end of the class (once for everyone and not an obligation) a short questioning connected to her retransmission research.

To register send an email (if possible at least 3 days in advance) with the dates you attend the morning class/classes

Contact details:

For further information please visit

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