I consider dance as the most honest way of expression. As a constant journey towards freedom.

My name is Bartek Woszczynski and I am a dancer and choreographer who works as an independent artist in several countries. I have choreographed a number of pieces for various companies like “Symetria” for Alternatywny Teatr Tanca LUZ or “Let Me Stay Asleep” for Warsaw Ballet and I have accomplished many independent choreographic projects like “AH07”, “Unreachable” or “The Perfect World” which was awarded the first prize at International Solo Dance Contest in Gdansk. I have also worked on some film productions as a choreographer and a movement director such as “On|Off” made by a creative agency The Doll for London Fashion Week 2015 or a short dance film – “Followed”.
My works have already been performed in many countries including Japan, Canada, the UK, Poland, Belarus and Bulgaria but there was one project that I particularly remember. One morning I checked Dancing Opportunities (as I usually do) and I found an information about The Black Box International Theatre and Dance Festival in Plovidiv, Bulgaria. It sounded very interesting so I decided to give it a try and applied with my solo “The Perfect World” (video). A couple of weeks later I got an invitation for the festival and happily weDO SUCCESSFUL STORIES Bartek Woszczynski 1nt there to perform. During one of the dinners with all of the participants someone asked me how I found out about the festival and I answered (obviously) – Dancing Opportunities. Imagine my astonishment when heard “Cool, I run this website!” The first thing I said was “No way! You sent me to so many places on this planet!” and then started talking about all of the great projects, festivals, and other things I have done thanks to Mihaela. It was wonderful to meet a person who created this website and thanks to whom we, dance artists, can keep up to date with all of the great opportunities across the world.

Three months ago I had a premiere of my full-evening performance titled “Symetria” in Poland (video) and at the moment I am looking for more venues to perform the piece. I also look forward to start working on my new duet “Release me, not.” (video) in May in London and I truly hope to find some exciting opportunities and support for this project and the next ones!
Best wishes to all DO readers!



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: www.bartekwoszczynski.com
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