Jay-Son Tisa Dance Company is seeking two dancers to join the company for the performance schedule in fall of 2017.

When: September 12 and September 15 (10am12pm)

Where: Chicago, US

We will be holding a free workshop/audition on September 12 and September 15 (10am12pm).  You will be able to work with the dance company those two days and be considered for the 2017 fall performance.

This workshop is free and is limited to 20 spots.  Opportunity to work with Jay-Son Tisa Dance Company in 2017-2018 year.

To apply please fill in the form here: http://www.jaysontisadancecompany.com/fall-workshop-2016/ and the company will contact you via email.  Only dancers who have filed out the form below will be considered to audition/workshop.

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