To celebrate our five-year anniversary this year we are introducing ALTRE Open Platform, an open space for participants to share their own work.

Where: Podere Novo 153, località Ripacci, 58054 Scansano GR, Italy

When: July 22 – August 2, 2024

Deadline for applications: June 15, 2024


ALTRE Open Platform is a new initiative intended to open a space for sharing and confrontation.
Planned for the middle of each week, one evening will be devoted to the exhibition of short performances proposed by the participants. The following day, a discussion will be organised around the creations seen together, with the aim of exchanging opinions and feedback: ALTRE Open Speech.

To be part of the programme, you will have to include the required material in the registration form: you will be asked to attach a dossier containing a short description and synopsis, your biography, a photo and a video link of the performance.
A maximum of 5 performances, lasting between 5 and 15 minutes, will be accepted.

Your proposal will be analysed and only if selected will it be included in the evening.

You will have until 15 June to submit your proposal through our form

ABOUT THE FESTIVAL –  5° EDITION from July 22 to August 2

ALTREFRONTIERE was born from the desire to give visibility to a concentration of different but compatible energies in the international context of dance, apparently distant but united by the constant research through body language.
It is the idea of breaking down borders; being that the boundaries of the body and the mind, or those of a country or his culture.
Body language communicates without words, it is a universal language that can bring everyone together, like music.This festival starts with the desire to share and exchange, with the aim of expanding the information about the many methods of investigation and to have an ever wider view of the creative panorama of dance.

Variety is nothing but growth.
Knowledge and exchange are precious tools for our inner growth.

During two weeks, the Festival offers a unique summer intensive with classes and workshops given by internationally renowned teachers.
The Festival is in the middle of Maremma nature, hosted by the Agriturismo Podere Novo 153 (località Ripacci, Scansano, IT).

How to apply:
You will have until 15 June to submit your proposal through our form

Contact details:

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