Open Call for Workshop-Creations
Directing and working with a group, testing scenic ideas before starting a creation, in the form of a 2-weeks workshop with a public presentation.

Where: Garage29, Brussels, Belgium

When: 29.09>09.10.2020 / 26.10>06.11.2020 / 25.01>05.02.2021.2021 / 26.04>07.05.2021

Deadline for applications: 1st April 2020

This open call for workshop-creations intended for choreographers who have a teaching practice in performing arts and wish to test scenic ideas with a group of participants, in the form of a 2-weeks workshop with a public presentation at the end of the process. This hybrid formula between workshop and creation allows the choreographer to experience directing and working with a group of professional scenic artists in order to test, clarify and refine their ideas before starting a creation.
FINANCIAL CONDITIONS : 1200€ all taxes included / 10 participants or 1400€ all taxes included / 12 participants
• professional artists
• artistic idea ( to be detailed in the presentation file )
• commitment to present the result to an informed public
• 1st week from Monday to Saturday, from 10am to 5pm
• Sunday break
• 2nd week from Monday to Thirsday, from 10am to 5pm
• 2nd Friday, from 2pm to 9pm, preparation and public presentation 

How to apply:
Send a presentation file of the workshop-creation you want to carry out.
The file must contain :
• Letter of Intent ( 450 words maximum )
• Workshop-creation description ( 1000 words maximum )
• CV
• Video from a previous project as a teacher
• Desired period ( 29.09>09.10.2020 or 26.10>06.11.2020 or 25.01>05.02.2021 or 01.03>12.03.2021 or 26.04>07.05.2021 )

Your application must be sent to

For further information, please visit

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