Far From The Norm are auditioning for new performers to join Botis Seva’s internationally acclaimed Hip Hop dance theatre production BLKDOG.

Where: London, UK

When: Audition will be by invite only on Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 April, with callbacks on Friday 26 April. Applicants will be informed of call backs the evening of their audition slot.

Deadline for applications: Monday 1 April, 16:00 – we will not accept late submissions.

Far From The Norm are auditioning for new performers to join Botis Seva’s internationally acclaimed Hip Hop dance theatre production BLKDOG.
In October 2024, Far From The Norm will embark on a 6.5 week North American and Canadian tour of BLKDOG and we are looking for highly skilled and compelling performers to join the company for parts of the tour.

Touring the UK and internationally since 2020, BLKDOG is a physically and emotionally demanding production that poetically explores the parallels between childhood and adulthood. See more.

BLKDOG requires performers to have a strong foundation in at least one street dance style, with a willingness to explore beyond any given style’s foundation, as well as appropriate experiences of performing full length productions. Current BLKDOG performers can not only execute physically demanding choreography and complex musicality but can also embody autobiographical references and/or life experiences to give the work a deeper meaning.

We hope successful performers would continue to work with Far From The Norm beyond this opportunity, as the company starts booking BLKDOG for 2025 touring.

Far From The Norm artists specialise in, and bring to the studio a range of street dance styles ranging from Krump to Popping to House. Using this as a base, Botis creates, questions and develops a movement language that enable the company to respond to autobiographical material or current socio-political issues/events.

It is essential that auditionees are working at a high level in at least one street dance style and can work beyond the parameters of a technique, experimenting with form, creativity and character.

The qualities we are looking for include:

– Driven individuals, who bring a positive energy and strong work ethic into the studio,

– Performers with a strong understanding of musicality,

– An ability to pick up and retain movement, details and references at a fast pace

– Comfortable and confident with character work, whilst being curious to see what elements of themselves they can build into a performance

– A self-confidence to apply feedback in rehearsals and post performance to allow for the show to continue to grow whilst on tour

– Individuals with an awareness of their body and an understanding of how to prepare and recover physically from demanding rehearsals/touring.

– Performers must be 18+

– If offered a contract, you must be willing to base yourself in or around London for the duration of the rehearsals. Far From The Norm will not cover any logistical costs for the contract.

– You must have a passport with at least 12 months validity from April 2024

– You must be able to submit your passport for visa processing in July 2024 in your country of residence.

– Some applicants must also hold a valid work permit or visa, depending on the country of residence, to enable them to legally work in the UK for the duration of the engagement.

How to apply / register:
The application form is made up of 4 sections, and we require all questions to be filled in, in order to consider your application:

Personal Details: name, contact details, location, visa status if relevant, access needs

Written question: a short paragraph telling us about who you are, your recent career highlights and your reason for applying.

Video: we will ask you to submit a short video of movement (no more than 2 minutes) responding to key movement qualities from BLKDOG. Please watch the BLKDOG reference video here

Equal Opportunities Monitoring: the information you enter in this part will be used for monitoring purposes only, it won’t count as part of your application

Should you wish to receive the application in another format or, to discuss any access needs or caring responsibilities, please email Executive Producer Lee Griffiths lee@farfromthenorm.com

As a small team we will not provide individual feedback, however we will offer general insights/trends as to why other applicants were invited to the audition.

For further information, please visit https://www.farfromthenorm.com/apply

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