Are you Monkey King? do you manage a special technique/acrobats? do you have your own dance language? are you open to working with Chinese artists? are you very creative with your own dance movement? Soon I am looking for a number of professional dancers. You are at least 5 years of dance experience with modern dance or very good physical technique control. You are a good communication person as a self-employed dancer.

Where: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

When: 08 April 2023

Deadline for applications: 07 April 2023

We are looking for very good artists with upcoming “Monkey king” dance / circus production for 2023-2024.

How to apply:

The rehearsals will be next July/June/August 2023 in Nanjing China. The tour is China and the Netherlands.

To apply at Groundbreakers, you send a letter of motivation and your own C.V. (please indicate your height and weight)

All applicants for a dance audition must be a resident of the Netherlands, in which a taxpayer or self-employed person (freelance dancer) is confirmed in the Netherlands.

Contact details:

with photo and short film or links.

For further information, please visit or email to with business management Rose Hendriks

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