Iain Stringer Works is looking for 4 professional male dancers: with strong acting ability.

When: 14th January 2017

Where: 1st Floor, The Gamble Building, Victoria Square, St Helen’s, North West England, WA10 1DY

Deadline for applications: Fri 6th Jan 2017

If successful, you will receive an employment contract and equity rates of pay for a two week period: Monday 13th February to Thursday 23rd Feb 2017, culminating in two public performances on the Friday 24th February 2017.

This is part of the Lottery Award winning Arts In Libraries and Cultural Hubs initiatives, St Helen’s.

Title of show: PREVAIL: a story told through music and dance.

Plot summary: Two men fight for their freedom for challenging the rule of law with their love for each other.

Full description:
A dying father is cared for by his two sons. One of his sons is a judge. It’s his duty as judge to trial those who threaten societies’ order by placing them in the public stocks. We see the judge trial two men.

During the trial the men’s faces are hidden by sacks… but as they reach the stocks the judge wants their faces revealed. Who are they?

The judge is publicly horrified and seeks help from his dying father. But will he listen to a dying man’s advice?

Company name: Iain Stringer Works

Venue address: 1st Floor, The Gamble Building, Victoria Square, St Helen’s, North West England, WA10 1DY

This is a paid opportunity.

Salary:  Equity rates of pay for 2 weeks work.

To apply please forward a CV/profile and video links to danceprevail@gmail.com

Application deadline: Fri 6th Jan 2017

You will be notified if shortlisted.

Audition details: You have 5 minutes portray a story/scene through music and dance of your choice. Please bring your music with you, either CD or MP3 format (e.g.: smart phone). There will be an amp to amplify your music.

For further information please visit https://www.facebook.com/Iain-Stringer-Works/

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