edha is for dancers who wish to develop their personalities and work in residence with choreographers on hip-hop and contemporary creations.

Where: Annecy, France

When: edha formation is auditioning for upcoming training program 2023-2024.

Edha is an experimental hip-hop dance academy who offers two independent programs:

P7 / Performer program (1year full-time program)

P8 / Residential program (1 year full-time program)

Program P7 / Performer Program is aimed for dancers who wish to develop their personality, question their intentions and their own practice of dance.

Program P8 / Residential program is aimed at students who want to become a professional dancer. The program consists of residential work with choreographers on new, hip-hop or contemporary, creations.

Both programs are intensive training programs aimed to expand and strengthen the skills of young dancers from a creative and technical point of view.

To apply, please send cv, letter of motivation and video (improvisation and technical skills) link at edha.contact@gmail.com

Costs for participants: 4200 euros

Contact details: edha.contact@gmail.com

For further information, please visit https://www.edhaformation.fr / @edhaformation

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