Paris Summer Academy (PSA) is the meeting spot for innovative workshops in diverse fields such as Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre, Performance Art, Yoga and Body-Mind research methods.

Where: Paris, France

When: 3 – 28 August 2020

Limited by the capacity not by date.

Paris Summer Academy (PSA) is the meeting spot for innovative workshops around Contemporary Dance, Physical Theatre, Live Art as well as Body-Mind research methods. PSA is a summer intensive project initiated and organised by ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company in partnership with the CITÉ INTERNATIONALE DES ARTS DE PARIS & the MICADANSES. The program is open to all curious and open-minded Dancers, Physical theatre actors and Performance artists who are willing to expand their abilities and skills towards new horizons.

Invited artists and Companies:
1) SOL PICO Company (Barcelona, Spain) /// Contemporary Dance.
2) MIGUEL PEREIRA (Lisbon, Portugal) /// Seeing & Performing.
4) MEHDI FARAJPOUR (Paris, France) /// A Meditative Dance and Performance Landscape.
5) ULTIMA VEZ Company (Brussels, Belgium) /// Physical Theatre and Contemporary Dance.
3) OLIVIER GERMSER (Nantes, France) /// Contemporary Urban Dance.
6) GWEN SAMPÉ (USA) /// Vocal training and Soundscaping workshop.

Venues :
Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris
Micadanses Dance Center (Salle MAY B)

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