Join movement practitioners: Jasmine Bennett, Katy Hewison and Soul Roberts, at the 2 days MOVING COVERSATIONS INTENSIVE, for a refreshing weekend experiencing different mindful approaches to movement. Moving inside and outside the beautiful and relaxing grounds of Pickwell Manor, Devon. Join us to meet people and make conversations through movement.

Pickwell Manor, Croyde, Braunton, Devon, EX33 1LA, U.K.

When: 15th December 2018 & 16th December 2018 – 10:30AM until 6:00PM

Deadline for applications: 14th December 2018 – 12:00 PM

Through a series of conventional and non-conventional conversations, the aim is to collectively explore, discover and challenge the bodies physical and mental sensitivities within movement, to uncover the connections between you and yourself; you and the other, and you and land.WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT FROM MOVING CONVERSATIONS?
Jasmine, Katy and Soul welcome you to join them for a two day intensive in Devon this December. Together, they’ll be providing a safe, non-judgemental space for creative play and movement exploration. Through a range of movement-based and imaginative tasks and activities, you’ll have the opportunity to explore movement patterns, become aware of the sensorial world, and expand your physical capabilities. This will be two days of self-investigation, in conversation with others in the group and the land supporting us. Using touch and contact work, and a range of improvisation explorations, we will allow conversations to unfold and a deeper understanding of human connection to emerge. Within the beautiful building and grounds of Pickwell Manor, pools of exploration will unfold in shifting settings throughout the weekend, allowing constantly refreshed perspectives and ever-heightened inspiration. We’ll be exploring not only how human movement influences the land, but also how the environment surrounding us reciprocally influences movement when we listen attentively. Curiosity will be the guiding influence throughout the weekend, yet a tone of openness will allow that no questions need answering. The movement itself might realise nuanced insights, wisdom held by the body. We invite all movers to join us, no previous experience needed. A layering of ideas, concepts and questions make this an intensive open to both experienced movers and artists, and those new to the world of movement.

To register:

Head to the MOVING CONVERSATIONS INTENSIVES website to register and book your place on the event:

Costs for participants:

Early Bird (15th – 16th Dec) – £120 | Early Bird (15th Dec only) – £70 | Early Bird (16th Dec only) – £70

Contact details:
Email: or, head to the MOVING CONVERSATIONS INTENSIVE website and fill out a contact form.

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