LOCULUS is seeking proposals for new work to be included in the Spring 2022 edition of the Loculus Journal.

Where: United States

When: Spring 2022

Deadline for applications: February 15 2022

LOCULUS is seeking proposals for new work to be included in the Spring 2022 edition of the Loculus Journal. The word collective has been in our name since our founding in 2015 and over the past six years, as our modes of working have shifted, we have continually questioned and redefined our relationship to that word. In an interest in provoking what we mean when we talk about “the collective” and collectivity, the theme for the next journal is COLLECTIVE.


What role does the collective play for us? What role does the individual body play amongst the collective one? What place does difference have in the collective?
The messiness of collectivity; the alchemy of my histories intersecting with your histories, my skin on your skin, my voice with your voice, my bones on your bones.

The pleasure of touch, of connection, of pushing against our boundaries so that we might find the meeting point where our skin intersects, where our skin overlaps, where our skin finds friction.

Voice, sounding from the depths of the body and joining in harmony or dissonance. Do we understand each other? What dialect am I speaking? Whose voice is heard?

Bones provide support to lean into or push against. Joints are places where two bones meet and can be used to leverage weight. My skeleton is my structure. I learn your skeleton and through your structure I come to know my own.

How to apply: Proposals should be submitted in the link below and should include a 200 words or less description with an example of previous work. Your work sample does not have to be directly related to your proposal. You may apply as an individual or with collaborators. All proposals will be reviewed by LOCULUS and an invited outside reader, Jayson Keery. Accepted proposals will undergo a workshopping process with LOCULUS. We are open to a wide variety of media including but not limited to video, interviews, visual art, writing, sound, photography….anything you can dream up in relation to the words above.

SUBMIT HERE: https://forms.gle/JNbMK5skTpRvSCrt7

Contact details: Email us at loculuscollective@gmail.com

For further information, please visit www.loculuscollective.com/journal

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