The online programme BREATH helps dancers to disentangle from difficulty & struggle and integrate their skills at a higher level so they can align their career with their personal life.

Where: worldwide

When: oct 1st – nov 12th

Deadline for applications: Oct 5th

Maybe you are not saying it out loud but in yourself you are highly ambitious and where you are at doesn’t feel does you justice in proportion to the effort you put or have put in to your dancing.

If this feels familiar consider this:

Get insight in your behavioural patterns when it comes to following through, having integrity, being true to yourself, allowing joy, through engaging in a process of expansion and moving through triggers in a way that is healthy and effective.

Disentangle yourself from the energy of struggle, difficulty and other beliefs commonly presented as truths in & outside the dance industry by coming to understand what your deep dream is and which inner path will lead to its outer manifestation.

Have your dream support you from underneath instead of being a goal outside you that you set up to be out of reach. Draw in the opportunities and circumstances that elevate you to your highest capacity in dance technique, career, and personal growth so your outer world works for you and uplifts you & your talent.

BREATH, the 6-week online programme is for dance professionals wanting to leave behind their current paradigm and shift to the next level of possibilities.

It is for you if you feel ready to integrate your different skills more efficiently and translate this to concrete results when it comes to developing dance technique, professional success and living a really great life. The course offers premium support and as such comes as close as you can get to getting private coaching while being still highly affordable.

To apply, follow the link for registration:

Costs for participants: 617€

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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