Zooz Approach from Berlin at Teatro Magro, Mantova

Physical Intelligence, Camera and Live Music weaving together into a poetic orchestration. Zooz Approach is about ‘the making’ of fresh experiences and the ability to move through them in an articulated, free and elegant way. The Live Music resonates with the happening in real time, allowing participants a full experience of the immediacy, while the Camera is the transparent eye enhancing self-observation and reflectivity.
As Zooz Ensemble, we wish to articulate the force that moves all great performers: transforming ourselves and the audiences.
Zooz as an “Agent of Experience”.

Where: Teatro Magro, via Brescia 2/C – Mantova (MN) Italy


Friday, the 29th of September 2017, 3 pm till 7 pm
Saturday, the 30th of September, 11 am till 3.30 pm
Sunday, the 1st of October, 11 am till 3.30 pm

Deadline for applications:
24th of September

Contact details: