Zooz Approach initiates and guides its participants to infiltrate into the soft and the playful ground of being, where unpredictable navigation emerges within a given scene of mind.
A micro-narrative enfolds a plan of internal and external ‘actions’ and provokes synchronization of the multiple aspects of a performer into a cohesive workplace.
Through physical meditative scenes and movements the participant is encouraged to escape the tendencies and habits of the familiar while tapping into increased awareness.
The contact with a far-from-mundane personal and collective perceptions allow alteration of the existing frame of subjectivity, expansion of the body repertoire of gestures and refreshing the sense of identity.

Where: Piazza Orti di Spagna, VR, Italy

When: 25/26/27 of May 2018

Intelligenza del Corpo, Cinematografia e Musica dal vivo tessute assieme in una nuova poetica orchestrazione.
Una riflessione che apre le porte a imprevedibili prospettive, dissolvendo e ricomponendo il nostro modo di intendere e percepire.
Zooz si dedica ad un percorso esplorativo dell’essenzialità dell’essere.
Zooz come “Agente d’Esperienza”.

To register e-mail at lab.modusverona@gmail.com

Costs for participants: €150

For further information, please visit

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