‘Zooming-In’: an online Feldenkrais workshop tailored specifically for dancers.

Movement is healing, and dance can be a healing experience. With a slow discovery of your inner space, the journey back to the studio/stage could be remarkable.

Where: Online Zoon classes.

When: Mondays & Thursdays: 4.1 | 7.1 | 11.1 | 14.1 | 18.1 | 21.1 | 25.1 | 28.1

With each class, you’ll be given simple tools to create a new kind of relationship with your body, from the comfort of your own home.
You will reveal your habitual movement patterns and discover new and easier ways to move. We will touch on the subjects of how to prevent injuries, how to heal your own pain, and how to increase the range of movement effortlessly.

For more details and registration visit https://www.yaelcibulski.com/zooming-in/

Costs for participants:
One singular class: 12€.
Four classes: 40€ (10€ per class).
Eight classes: 64€ (8€ per class)

Contact details:
For questions classwithyael@gmail.com

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