1 week festival

10 performances

1000 BGN prize for stimulating development in the contemporary theater and performance

Within the festival model there will be one main artistic workshop with the goal to create a final production using the tools of contemporary dance theater and performance. Its methodology includes the work of a team of experts – producer, choreographer, stage designer and an audio-visual scene effects specialist. The performers will be chosen from the festival groups.

Where: National Cultural Center “Borba 1896”, Knezha, Bulgaria

When: from June 26th 2017 Monday to July 2nd  2017  Sunday

Deadline for applications: April 19th Wednesday

The festival program is organized in three directions – theatrical, attendant program and artistic workshops:

The theatrical program is divided in three modules – contemporary dance, performance and interdisciplinary theatrical forms.

The artistic workshops aim to prepare a finished artistic product, a result of the collaboration between mentors and participants in the festival. The team of mentors is compound by approved specialists in the respective field from the country and abroad. The participants receive a graduate course certificate.

The attendant and the festival programs are conducted in parallel and include a selection of innovative cultural events and processes.

Who can participate?

A participation of all age groups is allowed. Each group presents a spectacle with a predominate non-verbal part /motion, dance theater, shadow theater, pantomime, experimental scene forms/up to sixty minute /excluding forms are only approved by the Organizing committee/. A team of mentors, experts in the field of contemporary art, supports the work of the participants through professional advises, conducting discussions, preparing a detailed analysis of the work of directors, actors, dancers and stage designers. If needed the organizers cover the technical maintenance of the groups and the basic equipment of the stage.

Free accommodation and transport within the country for international participants.

How to apply?

If you are interested in participating in our Festival, we will be glad to receive from you the following materials:

  1. For participation in the theatrical program of the festival:

Brief introduction of the suggested spectacle /Word document, no more than ½ a page, A4 format/;

Artistic characteristics of the group /Word document, no more than ½ a page, A4 format/;

Documentary about the performance;

Administration fee for submission of 25,00 EUR, which you can transfer to the following account;

Bank account holder: NCC „BORBA  1896” | Company ID: 000183644

Bank account: IA Bank | BIC: IABGBGSF |IBAN: BG06IABG74941001675900

Please send your aplication until 19 April 2017 to the following e-mail: ifctp.zerogravity@gmail.com

  1. For participation in the artistic workshops:

You will receive an application after the selective session.

We are pleased to inform you that International festival for contemporary theater and performance /IFCTP/ “Zero gravity” Knezha 2017, organized in the last nine years as NIATF ”Zvezden prah” by NCC “Borba1896” with the exclusive cooperation of the Ministry of Culture, “PLEVEN’S SOCIAL FUND – CULTURE CENTERS”, “Artist” Foundation, Town’s Institute Foundation, BAROQUE, YBSSTI and “America for Bulgaria” Foundation, included in the National cultural calendar of MC, full-pledged member or BFA, with major media partner – Bulgarian National Television /BNT/ organizes its First edition as a new festival concept.

For further information, please visit http://www.borba1896.com/en/pages/zero-gravity

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