Female dance, circus or physical theatre student aged 10-12 years old wanted to perform in a trio in London, Resolution Festival, The Place.

Where: The Place, London, UK

When: 30/05/2023

Deadline for applications: 1/04/2023

Call: Female dance student aged 10 to 12 years old.

Project: Contemporary dance theatre piece, a trio including a girl and two female adults.

Choreographer: Florencia Guerberof (check her website to get familiar with choreographer’s work first of all )

Venue: The Place, Resolution Festival on 30th May 2023.

Requirements: No Ballet or acrobatic movements will be required however the performer must have
a good control of the body in terms of physicality, energy, balance, stillness, weight distribution and theatricality.
A Circus, Ballet, Contemporary Dance or physical theatre student would be ideal in terms of body awareness, stamina and balance. The movements for the girl within the choreography will be adjusted to her own physical capabilities.

How to apply:
Application: Email link to video showing her moving and a brief description including age, nationality, where she is currently based and describing her skills and training.
Application deadline for pre-selection: 10st April 2023.

Contact details: florguer@icloud.com

For further information, please visit www.florenciaguerberof.com

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