Certified Yoga Teachers Training program for Dancers /choreographers/Artists.

Play Practice Artists Residency, Bangalore, India

When: 6th May to 3rd June 2018

Deadline for applications: 28th April 2018

Play Practice Residency organize the Yoga Practice Teachers Training Program for the 3rd time! The program will focus on yoga research and development alongside an intensive physical training offered by experienced teachers from Bangalore. The program is almost full and we are looking for one more participant.

We invite dancers, choreographers and all physical movement practitioners from martial arts, physical theater, circus and acrobatics to come and experience our month-long intensive training program.At the end of the course not only you will get a worldwide recognized certification as a yoga teacher, but thanks to our immersive program you will also be able to transform the yoga practice into a real source of inspiration for your own movement research.

To apply please send your cv and pictures to yogapractice.in@gmail.com

Costs for participants:1200 euros ( Includes Course fees + Accommodation )

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