Acrobatic Dance Intensive // Winston Reynolds & Gabbie Cook is a collaboration and insight into two different approaches of Acrobatic Dance, open to all movement disciplines & levels.

Where: Thanet Youth and Community Centre, Malden Road, Herbert Street, London NW5 4HD, UK

When: 29th-30th September 2018, (10.00 – 17.00)

The Intensive will be divided into 2 parts.

(It is an open workshop, and aims to be accessible to all movement disciplines and backgrounds.)

Winston Reynolds // Microbatics

-There is a certain sensitivity in acrobatics behind all the larger movements.
It’s a tool where the smallest adjustment (Micro) can make a big impact on the physical outcome.
I will look into my own personal vocabulary and system of individual acrobatic practice,
and the methodology of using accordance as a vehicle to expand possible movement choices and directions.

-We will be learning about the preparation & maintenance of the acrobat
And start zooming into specific aspects of acrobatics and locomotion.

-Another aspect we will use is the partner, and how a partnering situation can help to boost or access our learning process.
Using the other as a reference point or means of physical assistance we can try to touch upon unfamiliar planes & levels of movement choices.

Bio //

Winston graduated from Circomedia (FDA course, 2010-2012). And then went on to complete his Bachelor at ACAPA (Academy of Circus and Performance Art, Netherlands, 2012-2016). Within this education, he specialised in acrobatic dance and contact partnering alongside his partner Axel Guérin.
He was guided and influenced by the teachings of Alexander Vantournhout, who introduced him to several influential teachers and opportunities within the dance and movement community.
Currently, he is in the new production ‘Red Haired Men’ (Alexander Vantournhout )due to premiere in October 2018, Marseille.
Winston has an ongoing study and practices with Tomislav English, adapting aspects of his methodology Ferus Animi // Terra Nova using it within his teaching or maintenance as a mover.

In 2017 Winston & Axel Guérin co-created their own company Ŷeknom with the idea to try and capture, shape and share what they have discovered within their co-operation. It is an ongoing project which collaborates and delves into multiple movement practices, styles and forms.
Ŷeknom leads dance and research workshops around Europe and will be starting their own performance production in 2019.



Gabbie Cook // Accordance

Gabbie’s class will focus on bringing awareness to the weight of the body and feeling how weight transfer can direct and re-direct momentum, in and out of the floor. Through open tasks and technical drills, we’ll create opportunities for falling into floorwork and acrobatics. We’ll build on phrases of movement that blur the lines between dance and acrobatics, whilst maintaining the ability to play and enjoy the moments of free falling.

Bio //

Gabbie is a contemporary dancer and acrobat from the UK. She started with Artistic Gymnastics at age 6, competing for 10 years, before going on to train at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. In 2014, she got into circus by accident, through an intentional tour with Acrojou Circus Theatre and she is now an on-going collaborator with the company. Her work is with a variety of dance and circus companies, touring outdoor festivals and theatres in the UK and abroad. Her credits include Tom Dale Company, James Wilton Dance, Scarabeus Aerial Theatre, Ransack Dance and Choreographers such as Becky Namgauds, Ella Robson Guilfoyle and Gary Clarke.


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Costs for participants: 1day – £45. 2days – £80.

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