Dance and fly with us!
Organized by the Budapest Táncszínház, the XXIII. International Summer Dance Course and Festival, from August 5 to August 16.

Where: Budapest, Hungary 1097 Koppány Street 15. DEPO Studio

When: 5th August to 16th August 2024

Deadline for applications: Till the  course finishes

Let’s connect your summer holiday with a professional intensive course! Dance and fly with us!

Come to Budapest and get to know this fantastic and dynamic city, meanwhile you can get into an active, energetic and lively dance workshop.

Come and try yourself in a new field, in the dance studio! You can learn from international dancers, alongside the professional dance artists. Among the beginner and advanced level classes everyone is able to find the suitable one for him or herself. Each year several choreographers come to teach from all over the world. (such as Israel, France, The Netherlands, UK, Italy etc.) This year the instructors teaching the course are: Raza Hammadi (Ballet Jazz art de Paris), Diego Tortelli (International choreographer), Stefania Menestrina and Sofia Galvan  (Opus Ballet), Yvette Levine, Pál Lovas, Lóránd Zachár, Donát Varga and  Béla Földi, the director of Budapest Dance Theatre. There are different styles on different levels:
–       Contemporary dance, art jazz
–       Modern dance
–       Classical ballet dance
–       TETRIS Game by Diego Tortelli
–       Acrobatic Floor work
–       Contemporary partnering

The workshops are Monday til Friday in weekly periods.
Compagnia Francesca Selva from Siena, Italy, and Budapest Dance Theatre will perform at our festival on Saturday, August 10.

How to apply:
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Costs for participants:
Fee/ class: 13-16 EUR,
Weekly pass: 50-65 EUR

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