Festival Figueres es MOU is a dance festival that celebrates to Figueres (Spain) and that will take place of the 2 to 8 July 2018 that celebrates already his fifth edition.
In addition to the performances that take place for different spaces of the city, the Festival Figueres is MOU also offers a group of professional workshops headed to professional dancers and students of dance with an overhead level of formation and/or training.
This year are a lot happy to welcome five recognised international artists: Anna Calsina (Fighting Monkey), Ariadna Montfort (Gaga), Jamaal Burkmar (Extended Play), Leila McMillan (Flying Low), Sam Landlords and Lewis Wilkins (TrashDollys) that will offer to the participants a wide range of classes and workshops.

Where: Figueres, Spain

When: 2 to 8 July

During the day, the participants will gather to take the professional workshops of a big variety of technical and to take part in the creation of short pieces that will present during the festival Figueres is MOU 2018. At night, when the city earns life with the movement, the participants will enjoy exclusive access to all the programming of the Festival Figueres Is MOU.

– Anna Calsina: Five x 1.5h sessions
– Ariadna Montfort: Five x 1.5h sessions
– Leila McMillan: 1 Master Class each group
– Sam Amos & Lewis Wilkins: Three x 1.5 h sessions
– Jamaal Burkmar: 1 Master Class each group

Jamaal Burkmar: Five x 2h sessions
Leila McMillan: Five x 2h sessions
TrashDollys: Five x 2h sessions

*Number of sessions may vary depending on the group/timetable

ACCOMMODATION: 7 nights accommodation in Figueres (shared accommodation) arriving Sunday 1 July and leaving Sunday 8 July.

MEALS: Breakfast and lunch.

TICKETS: Tickets for payment events.

MERCHANDISE: Festival merchandise – Official Festival Figueres es MOU T-shirt and canvas bag.

To register https://www.eventbrite.es/e/entradas-professional-workshopsfigueresesmou2018-44810900610

To avail of the promotion price 235€ please use Promotional code: dancingopportunities

Regular price: 300€

Contact details: info@agitartcompanyia.com

For further information, please visit www.agitartcompanyia.com

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