INA Practice with Sharon Fridman: addressed to profesional dancers, contemporary dance students and contact lovers.

Where: Madrid, Spain

When: July 30th and 31st

Deadline for applications: July 22nd 2022

INA Practice wants to focus her attention to the territory that her body serves to the other, or to the space around her.
The focus of this language is placed on the concept of gravity, on digging deeply into this matter, on discovering its most unexplored aspects. How is my body capable of manipulating the weight of the other? What are the active centres that allow me to carry out this manipulation? What new forms of movement can I generate from there?

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Workshop will be held at the Dance School of Pinto (Madrid), the company’s headquarters, by Sharon Fridman, Arthur Bernard Bazin and Melania Olcina.

Saturday July 30th from 3pm. to 8pm.
Sunday July 31st from 10am. to 4pm.

At the end of it, the company will present an excerpt of the next new production: EXPRÍMEME_LIFE IN PROCESS

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Costs for participants: 150€

Contact details: To further information, you can contact:

Lola Ortiz de Lanzagorta

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