workshop with Gabriella Maiorino
assistant Matilde Bignamini

Where: Leggere Strutture Art Factory in Via Ferrarese 169/A Bologna, Italy

When: Saturday 05 and Sunday 06 October time 10am to 4pm

Deadline for applications: 20th September

Gabriella’s work starts from long molecular research on the body, its perceptive states, the different dynamics of weight and the relationship with one’s desire.
In the workshop a physical and discussion space is created – where the known and the unpredictable can interact and intertwine.
The methodologies of choreographic creation and work on the body are mainly based on the generation and the radical deepening of different states in the performers and students bodies/minds, digging deeply into the individual complexity.
The performer is involved in a process of research and “gestation” with a high degree of responsibility, according to non-formal elements, but rather following specific physical and mental principles to arrive at the creation and definition of an original physical language.
The physical “grammar” is composed of different techniques developed over the years: Molecular Agitation @, Rollings @, Language of the Spirits @, Circulation @, Editing @, Dripping Wax @, Antenna Feet @, Continuity @.

Gabriella’s work brings out the dancer’s body as an “omnivorous” body, which feeds on different layers of knowledge; a sort of physical and mental desire to embody the world in all its aspects, concordant and discordant.
The objects of desire – the space, the images, the techniques, the partners, the perception, the thoughts – mixed up by the student in a molecular earthquake, give life to an intense physical language  extremely rich in its complexity.

Gabriella Maiorino
Choreographer and performer, she graduated from SNDO Amsterdam in 2002 after studying dance, music and philosophy in Italy. Her creations were produced by the city of Amsterdam, by Dutch national institutions and co-produced by various Italian and European bodies. She presented her works, with success to the public and critics in Holland, Italy, most European countries and in Brazil. She is often invited to teach her original mix of floor work, improvisation and a personal “carnal” approach to movement, in prestigious dance academies, festivals and research spaces. She taught at Artez Arnhem, Theaterschool Amsterdam, CODARTS ROTTERDAM, Fontys Tilburg, Henny Jurriens Stichting Amsterdam, IALS ROME, MODEM Catania, ZONA D Bucharest, Area59 Amsterdam, Dansateliers Rotterdam, ZIP Orvieto, Casina Settarte, Stalker theater, Gdansk, Space Seed, Alps Move, Opificio dell’arte Biella, Circle Rotterdam, UMBRIA GIOVANI, CID Rovereto, SPAZIO SEME, SPAZIO NU.

Matilde Bignamini
Dancer and Performer, she researches different forms of expressions and movement, such as music, sport and dance since she was a child. Participates in the ARTISHOKE contemporary dance training in Milan and then starts traveling in northern Europe studying with different teachers including: Gabriella Maiorino, Loris Petrillo, Ultima Vez, Jeremy Nelson, Joerg Hassmann Baris Mihci, Peter Jasko, Shai Faran, Marcella Gieske, Stella Zanou, Idan Yoav, Judith Sanchez Ruiz. In 2015 she attended the Dance Intensive Program at the Tanzfabrik in Berlin. Since 2014 she has been studying and working with Gabriella Maiorino and since 2017 she is his assistant. She is currently performer in her new production “UOVO”.

Gabriella Maiorino
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To register, please send email to

Costs for participants: 110€

Contact details: Leggere Strutture Art Factory
Via Ferrarese 169/A Bologna

For further information, please visit

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