The workshop with Anton Lachky | PUZZLE WORK
is for any dancer and mover of any category who loves to move, wants to discover his physical possibilities, discover his abilities and his own coordination skills, who likes to be challenged and who is willing to learn more.

Where: Arnhem, The Netherlands

Date: 12 + 13 May 2018
Time: 11:00-14:00 | break | 15:00-18:00 (both days)Final deadline for applications and payment: 1 May 2018

PUZZLE WORK opens the door to endless variety of different combinations inside of your movement possibilities.

And so by playing, organizing and reorganizing your body in simple/ complex and many different ways, it allows you to keep playful all the time while dancing.
(How colourful can your dancing be?)
Body functions the way we wish or rather allow it to function.

This game of Puzzle Work is a never ending process, a never ending game if we wish or allow it to be. Each body has its balance, logic and its limitations.

“I feel lucky today to be discovering where my balance is and where my limitations are and how I can transform that and integrate that in my dancing.”
Anton Lachky

To read more about his biography and work check his website:

To apply, send an email to with a short background explanation and your phone number.

Costs for participants
€150,- (2 days)

€75,- (1 day)

Priority is given to participants who join both days.

For further information, check the facebook event:

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