This site-specific dance workshop, led by Marianna Miozzo, is orientated towards the poetics of space, place and landscape.

Where: Modena, vicolo Squallore, Italy

When: October 10th and 11th

Deadline for applications: October 7th

Workshop aimed at performers, dancers and people who have a minimum of experience related to movement and choreographic composition.

The working group will travel on a journey that begins with the observation of one’s own body imagery and experiences its potential for communication with the outside world. The group will get lost in the details of the body as well as in those of the places to refine the gaze, to be able to grasp the corporeal dimension of the city and the landscape of the body with greater sensitivity.

1 – study and analysis of space and place through bodily, writing and observation practices;
2 – improvisations and short compositions by integrating one’s own subjective imagination;
3 – sharing of the work with a choosen audience

To register, send email to indicating your name and telephone number, you will be asked for a deposit of €40 to confirm your registration.

Costs for participants: 80€

For further information, please visit

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