The Movement As The Starting Point workshop explores the edges between dance and physical theatre. It investigates a creative path in which intention is built from a kinaesthetic response, the meaning is revelled as the body moves.

Where: Micadanses, Paris, France

When: Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of May 2022

Deadline for applications: 27th of May 2022

By combining gesture and intention, choreography and playfulness, physical sensation and theatrical situation, the workshop offers an approach to creation based on movement, improvisation and letting go. Departing from a sequence on the floor to make the body aware of its weight, enter into a dynamic of spiral movements and reach a state of letting go. From this state, we enter a moment of improvisation in solo, duos and in groups according to clear instructions.
The workshop is open to performers, actors, dancers, choreographers, circus performers, from professional or semi-professional backgrounds who are interested in exploring movement as a multidisciplinary and hybrid approach to composition and choreographic creation.


Costs for participants: 85€

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