[Workshop] Discover and understand the French Choreographic landscape: who, what & how?
Discover French actors, their roles and how and how to interact with them.

Where: Online

When: July 6th

The French choreographic landscape is unique. Discover in this workshop with La Fabrique de la Danse the various French actors, their roles and how and when you can interact with each of them.

This specific module is part of the Business and Creative Lab for Choreographers, an intensive and comprehensive program for choreographers and artists who are in the process of creating an artistic project and willing to discover tools bringing their project to the next level of its development.

To register go to the website https://www.lafabriquedeladanse.fr/produit/workshop-discover-and-understand-the-french-choreographic-landscape-who-what-how/

Costs for participants: 60€

Contact details: If you have any questions, you can contact Lucie at businesslab@lafabriquedeladanse.fr

For further information, please visit https://www.lafabriquedeladanse.fr/produit/workshop-discover-and-understand-the-french-choreographic-landscape-who-what-how/

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