“Intensive Workshop” by Saracino Domenico Artistic Director in association with the Hofesh Shechter Company at Teatro Moderno, Grosseto (IT), will be July 23rd – 26th.

Where: Teatro Moderno Grosseto, via Tripoli 33, 58100, Grosseto, Italy

When: July 23rd – July 26th

*Note that this is an event aimed at a limited number of students, teachers, professionals.

Join us for this exciting opportunity, the seminar will include a complete warm-up and use the repertoire from Hofesh’s newest work, Grand Finale, to explore his creative process.

Teachers: Rachel Fallon and Kim Kohlmann

Time: from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Do not miss this opportunity to get an insight into the work of Hofesh Shechter and to work with two members of the company!

Apply on the following website: https://www.festivaldanzagrosseto.com
Download the application form!

FEE € 250,00 Method of payment: banking transfer

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