We are looking for creative dancers, for their Erasmus+Internship to join the upcoming production “WOODS WON’T VAPORIZE” of the collective AlicaMinar & col. in Berlin, Germany.

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: February – September 2023

Deadline for applications: 25.01.2023

February – September 2023
2 weeks 4-6 hours a day each month + regular performances
shorter period is also possible
premiere in June

PAYMENT would follow through Erasmus+ Program
more info here: www.erasmusintern.org/content/about

– incorporating the qualities of preserved forests and translating them into a theater format
– working with wood as a material in an outdoor intervention format – craftmanship vs. industrial abuse
– embodying excitement as an energy rather than an emotion, that we feel when we create
The project will include residencies in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Travels and accommodation at residencies will be covered. The travel and accomodation to and in Berlin is not covered.

– 2-3 creative dancers or performers of all genders and ethnic origins who are studying or graduating of studies at university that can join Erasmus+ program
– interest in the topic and in functioning of the collective
– open, active, creative, keen on stepping into the field

– being part of international team of artists and scientists
– consultations for your own creations and help with entering the field after studies
– networking, insight into the structure of the company
– regular trainings offered by all members of the company, including you and invited artists
– sustainable and continuous functioning in the freelancing, an anchor point, a platform for sharing of our practices and know-how

The project will be led by choreographer Alica Minar, yet will function as a platform for a collective creation at the same time. Melissa Kieffer, Dorota Michalak, Breanne Saxton, Katarína Bakošová, Zuzana Žabková, Anna Poleteli, Martin Hrvol among others will hold research blocks during our creative process.
About Alica Minar: www.alicaminar.com/portfolio/about/

You need to apply for the internship at your university before graduating, ideally some months in advance, SO THE EARLIER YOU CONTACT US, the better. Some of you might even be able to do the internship while studying. There are also more details to the project, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us, if you are interested and we can set up a video call. Based on your sent materials and our call, we can start figuring out if and how it can be possible to include you in our project.

How to apply:

1) self-video max. 1min, where you introduce yourself and your interest in this project
2) one of these things: link to a video of you dancing / Instagram account where we can see you dancing / webpage / portfolio / whatever else to get an insight in your dance or creations
3) please, keep it simple 🙂
4) send email to alicaminarandcol@gmail.com (please, upload videos on youtube, vimeo, etc., do NOT send them as an attatchment)

Costs for participants:
no cost for dancers / fee for the dancer is paid throught Erasmus + Internship through your home University

Contact details: alicaminarandcol@gmail.com

For further information, please use www.alicaminar.com

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