Women’s Mono-Drama Festival in Lebanon is looking for solo dance and/or theater performances about women’s rights, empowerment, justice and equality; performances should include text / dialogue .

Where: Tyre, Lebanon

When: March 7-10

Deadline for applications: February 20

This festival is intentionally aligned with International Womens’ day as a gathering of solo performances by women whose work speaks to any of the following: resistance against discrimination, restriction on womens’ rights and freedoms due to religious or cultural traditions, societal inequality, gender-based violence and so on. Our association for theater in southern Lebanon: Tiro is working to make spaces where femmes and people who identify as women are celebrated, and can radiate their empowered performative pieces to share with our audiences. In a location where cultural and religious influences can often be oppressive towards women, where women face violence, unfair obstacles, and are treated unequally, we use art to refuse this social discrimination.

We invite artists to defy, dream, and reimagine our world; a world that celebrates female strength, beauty, intelligence, and so much more. We strive to make a festival so that the young girls, and women in our community can witness the power of women.

To apply, please send an email to tyroarts.association@gmail.com with the following subject line: MONODRAMA FESTIVAL

1. Video of the piece
2. Description of performance
3. Availability for March 7-10

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Invited performers must arrange their own air travel to Beirut, Lebanon.

Travel within Lebanon, housing and meals are all provided

For further information, please visit tiroarts.com

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