The online participatory performances will involve creating choreographic compositions in relation to the nature surrounding us.

Where: on-line, via Zoom platform

When: 2-3 X, Saturday-Sunday & 8-10 X, Friday-Sunday

Deadline for applications: 30 September 2021

Detailed schedule:
Within dance – for the families with children 5-10 y.o.
2 October, Saturday, 13:00 GMT+4 – online meeting
Individual practice in natural environment between the online meetings
3 October, Sunday, 17:00 GMT+4 – online meeting

Within dance – for teenagers 13-18 y.o.
8 October, Friday, 17:00 GMT+4 – online meeting
10 October, Sunday, 13:00 GMT+4 – online meeting

Feel invited to join us and participate in on-line zoom meetings which will introduce the concept of performative activities in the natural environment. After individual practice based on provided scores we will meet on-line again to discuss and present excerpts of our small performances.

The performances will involve creating choreographic compositions in relation to the nature surrounding us. During the first meeting, all participants will receive a written score as well as an audio recording of it which will be a manual and a guide for individual activities.

About the performances:

The performative actions undertaken will be based on the scores constituting a source of inspiration for movement, simultaneously allowing individual interpretation. What is only required is carefulness, observation, and taking responsive action.

The program is an invitation to compose choreography through active perception, to communal motor practice, to engagement, and sharing the experience of the careful (mindful) body in direct relation with the natural environment.

The aim of the project is to arouse all the senses and to angle towards the primaeval necessity of communing with nature through a non-invasive interaction and care. Care understood in the feminist vein: as care for nature – and more broadly – for the world.

Shared motor practice amongst nature is of particular significance and carries outstanding power in the context of the ongoing pandemic, which acutely affects our mental and physical condition. The necessity of social distancing in public space and transferring our activities online (also this particular event) has brought several pressing questions concerning the contemporary human condition, the human attitude to others, to the Other, and to the environment. This hybrid formula of on-line meetings and individual practice is an attempt to maintain human connections within one experience performed in different geographical spaces.

The scores for performative activities will be prepared by: Ula Zerek and a Tbilisi-based artist invited to cooperate.

First event (2-3 October) is open to all participants regardless of their previous experience with dance or performance. Second event (8-10 October) is dedicated to families with children. All family configurations are welcome.

How to apply: If you would like to participate in the performance, please fill out the registration form in the following link:

Participation in the project is free of charge.

Contact details:

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