The Wisdom Project provides dance training and the creation of a dance film choreographed and directed by James Gregg for movers age 40 and over.

Where: World Wide

When: October 3 – 25

Deadline for applications: Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

This dance melee is designed to eclipse prejudice and discrimination on the grounds of a person’s age with love, acceptance, and reverence of older dancers. This inaugural Wisdom Project blossoms with Los Angeles-based choreographer James Gregg on Saturdays and Sundays in October 2020.

How to apply: There is no fee to apply. Send the following materials to​:
1) Video Statement of Interest (talk to camera about yourself and why you are interested in the Wisdom Project)
2) Biography and/or Resume
3) Links to Application Video(s)​
Please upload your Video Statement of Interest and Application Videos to Dropbox, Vimeo, or Youtube, and provide links (include passwords if needed). Videos that need to be downloaded will not be considered.

Please include the following in your application video(s):​
1) one minute of improvisation
2) one-three minutes of class, rehearsal, or performance footage (any setting)​
Send links (include passwords if needed) that connect directly to videos posted to Dropbox, Vimeo, or Youtube. Do not send videos that need to be downloaded.

Selected participants will be notified by email no later than Thursday, October 1st, 2020 at 11:59pm PDT.

Costs for participants: $525 US Dollars

Contact details: Email:

For further information, please visit

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