5-day intensive workshop with Humanhood co-Artistic Directors Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert.
Weflow Experience is a physical, mental and spiritual journey that unleashes our inner potential to connect with the energy field of the body, discover our true infinite nature and become fully present through the awakening power of movement.

Where: el Graner, Barcelona, Spain

When: 9th – 13th march 2020

Inspired by Eastern practices like tai-chi, qi-gong as well as ritualistic and shamanic approaches, Weflow focuses on the power of connection between mind and body to improve the dancer’s presence and performance.
During this course, you will dive into the Weflow Experience guided by Julia and Rudi, founders and Humanhood’s Artistic Directors.

‘This is a massive difference between an intensive where you train with various tools and this one, where you witness a whole philosophy behind each movement. To be moved from consciousness, experiences transformation of the body. Each day of training is to experience a true trance, in the most vast meaning of the word’ – previous Participant’s Experience.

In this session you will also explore the fundamental applications of Weflow into Humanhood’s movement quality through directed improvisation and set movement phrases that will allow you to put into practice this unique way of moving and distinctive movement language.

If you have any questions about the Weflow Experience of the workshop in general, please contact us at events@humanhood.net

We look forwards to share Weflow Experience with you!

To register visit https://www.tickettailor.com/events/humanhood/334548

Costs for participants:
220 Early Bird
250 General Admission

For further information, please visit www.humanhood.net

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