Ensibuko Arts Foundation seek dance artists or arts supporters with administrative skills to join our team and help in the growth of the organization.

Where: Jinja, Uganda

When: 2019/20

Deadline for applications: 19/Oct/2019

Ensibuko Arts Foundation invites dancers and dance lovers or arts supporters with extra skills in administration work, fundraising, paper work or public relations to join the team. Any one with interest can apply. The organization will guide you throughout your work/volunteer venture.

Ensibuko will provide you with accommodation in host families, extended guidance on food, cultural exchange and of course the tours around the historical Jinja city and Uganda as a whole.

We seek volunteers willing to stay in the historical jinja city and effectively contribute to the organization for a period of between 1 – 12 months.

To apply, please fill in this basic online application form and we will be in contact for any details https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOqcBlkjo2djy5po1iwA3gQJY42PWxyYZeNt_ufLdHkpCqtA/viewform

Contact details:
Email: ensibukoartsfoundation@gmail.com
Call : +256787956532
Postal: 1561, Jinja, Uganda

For further information, please visit www.ensibukoartsfoundation.org

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