VMI Somatic Movement Training Program combines Vocal Dance, Voice Movement Integration & Vital Movement Integration Bodywork.

 This Somatic Practice Professional Training Program develops skills actively connecting dance, movement, voice, improvisation, bodywork and physical re-patterning education.

Intro Days
– Sunday 17 Sept or 1 Oct, 2017
from October 2017 – June2018
5 long weekends from Friday to Tuesday for total of 25 days

Where: VMI Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The training combines Patricia Bardi’s innovative work, Vocal Dance – a creative practice that frees the voice to be fully alive and reflected in one’s expressive vitality and movement, Voice Movement Integration (VMI) Practice and Vital Movement Integration (VMI) Bodywork – somatic practices integrating voice and movement with the deepening process of bodywork to stimulate and organize the body’s physical-perceptual-emotional awareness.

* –  Applying voice, movement & experiential anatomy to performance improvisation

* –  Integrating bodywork techniques including Organ Rebalancing, Body Mind Centering & Cranial Sacral Therapy with vocal & movement expression.

 * – VMI Somatic Practice Certification Program is accredited as Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator (ISMETA) & Licensed Natural Health Practitioner (KTNO) for health insurance coverage in Netherlands.

Patricia Bardi is a dance/voice artist, bodywork specialist, licensed natural health practitioner (BATC) and registered somatic movement therapist (ISMETA) who teaches and performs throughout Europe and the USA. She maintains a private practice working with children and adults in Amsterdam. She has developed and teaches Organ Rebalancing, an accredited postgraduate advanced bodywork training. For 25 years, she conducts the VMI Somatic Practice Certification Program, centered in Amsterdam also accredited by ISMETA & KTNO.

Let us know your interests in joining this foundation course.

For further information and registration please contact info@patriciabardi.com

Costs for participants

Intro Days: €95.- per day

Foundation Course: €2350.- Payment schedule is available

For further information, please visit http://www.patriciabardi.com/programs/vmi-somatic-practice/foundation-program/

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