VIVO CENTER is selecting dancers for the Vivo Junior Company parallel to the postgraduate “Flyout” program 2022-23

Where: Rome, Italy

When: September 4th 2022

Deadline for applications: September 2th 20222

VIVO CENTER is selecting dancers, with medium level ballet skills and advanced level contemporary dance skills for the Vivo Junior Company. The company will be working alongside the Flyout postgraduate program 2022-23

Training and performances:

Trainings and rehearsals will be held, Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 3.30 pm, in the Vivo Center Studio in Rome. The activities will start on September 19th 2022 and finish in June 2023. Within the choreographic productions, the participant will have access to contemporary dance workshops with nationals and internationals guests.

At present time four performances are already programmed for season 2022-23, however, depending on festivals and dance events the number of shows might/should increase during the year.

Production (Choreographers 2022-2023):

Giulia Mancini – VIVO CENTER Artistic Director
F.Ginepro M.Cappa Spina
Adriano Popolo Rubbio
Mateo Mirdita

The choreographers list might change for different reasons, the list indicates the present time program.

How to apply:

To access the audition on Sept 4th you need to fill the form on checking the box “Junior Company Vivo 22/23”
In case you have problems with the form you can send your information (general info, photo, video link) to .
you will receive the response within 36 hours later the form submission.
In case you cannot participate in presence to the audition, please check the box “Flyout postgraduate program” and we will evaluate your profile online.

Costs for participants: 1900 Euro

Contact details:
Whats app/phone: +39 351 6462392
Direct Instagram: @vivocenter.roma

For further information, please visit