TIP, the international dance school in the field of dance and movement training, Contact-improvisation, Exploration and Improvisation is receiving Video applications for the one year foundation program 2020 -2021.

Where: Freiburg, Germany

When: Program starting at 07.09.2020

Deadline for applications: 03. July 2020

The one year foundation will take place from September 2020 until July 2021.
As regards the content, the orientation of the education is unique in Germany.
TIP offers a holistically oriented training of dance and movement, contact improvisation, exploration /improvisation, instant composition.
TIP claims to identify the individual skills of their students and to bring forward self-reliance and personal responsibility. This includes physical and dancing skills as well as creativity and artistic originality. Aim and purpose of this education is to optimally support the participants in the development of their dancer personalities and to professionally train freelance dancers and performers.
TIP has its origins in the POST MODERN DANCE from the USA resp. In the further development NEW DANCE/ NEUER TANZ – an orientation in dance, that considers itself in permanent further-development and emphasizes strongly the advancement of the creatively productive dancer.

How to apply:
In case of video audition, please send us 3-4 video clips (mp4-file via wetransfer.com)

1) a movement video, where the dance qualities as well as the technical level become visible. This can be improvised and/or in the form of a dance sequence ca. 2 – 4 min.
2) a C.I. video, if you have prior experience in C.I. (Contact Improvisation). That video would be helpful, but it is not obligatory. By the way, it should be clear, who is the applicant.
3) a One-Minute Solo video
One dancing position as a basis + play with arrangement in space / places / level / directions / variation of form and the organization of time – many changes – fast, as well as with pauses in between
a One-Minute Solo: with many different dance positions in one place – play with level / form / direction and dynamics
4) a motivation video (max. one minute – no movement, probably only the face), from which the motivation to participate in this project emerges. You might refer to the following questions: Why dance? Why this project? Why this kind of orientation? What is your concern?

All videos taken together should not be longer than 8 minutes.
Feel free to use all your creativity and talent. As well, be sure you make visible, what you want us to see from you.

Costs for participants: € 4500,- for the whole programm

Contact details: info@bewegungs-art.de

For further information, please visit http://bewegungs-art.de

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