Video registration for the entrance exams at the 4 year BA program for contemporary stage dance / dance pedagogy / movement studies at the Anton Private Bruckner University.

Where: Online

When: By the 30th of May 2020. Videos can be uploaded up to seven days beyond that date.

Deadline for applications: 30th of May 2020. Videos can be uploaded up to seven days beyond that date.

The Anton Bruckner Private University is an open, innovative centre for the arts, where the performers and teachers of tomorrow receive an individualized education in music, drama and dance.

As one of the seven Austrian universities for music and drama, and one of the four universities in Linz, the UNESCO City of Media Arts, the Bruckner University sees its role both as a training ground for performing, teaching and academic research, and as an important agent in the development and communication of the arts.

The cultural landscape of Upper Austria sets an example in music education all over Europe. The Upper Austrian Provincial Government gives particular support to artistic education, which is why – compared with similar institutions – tuition fees here are extremely moderate.

Culture characterises Upper Austria – a discussion process about our cultural model has developed a framework for future targets in cultural policy. We have taken the opportunity to be involved in this debate.

Diverse and dynamic – this description of the contemporary dance scene applies equally to the training at the Institute of Dance Arts (IDA).

The Institute of Dance Arts offers professional dance training. A committed team of internationally renowned teachers educates the students in classical ballet, contemporary dance techniques, artistic diversity and reflection capability.

Attention to craftsmanship and a framework of varied artistic experience give the students a well-grounded preparation for their professional careers. As in contemporary professional practice, IDA combines in its programmes the artistic and pedagogical qualification of students.

Around 80 students are currently enrolled at the Institute of Dance Arts, from backgrounds as diverse as Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, France, China, Columbia, the US, India, Japan,among others.

How to apply:
Please find information on how to apply at the link below:

Costs for participants: There is no fee for the online auditions.
Please find more information about the tuition fee for the study program at the link below:

Contact details:

For further information, please visit

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