Valeria Geremia – Sicula Butoh Workshop
The invisible takes shape and blooms in the mystery of the bodies.

Where: Sala Hernandez , in Catania, Sicily, Italy

When: 24/25 November 2018 – from 11 to 4 pm

Minimal and immense, the Butoh dance is an inner journey through different layers of time and space. It is the fluctuation of the inner landscape that involves the body in its total articular, organic, sensitive. By listening to the inner realities, we confuse the usual reference systems to allow the creative unconscious to manifest itself, for the rediscovery of the primitive body, and by abolishing every codified style of movements it wants to bring to light the dance of the soul. The art of Butoh consists in abandoning everything that is always visible to begin to “see the invisible“. The result of this work is a better psycho-physical state and the possibility of creating and communicating, using the body as a means for our emotional language, and considering it as a living organism. We become aware of our body, its limits and capabilities, we recognize our desires and our dreams to be able to dance. The preparatory training is based on breathing techniques and Michizo Noguchi, Yoga, Shiatsu, strengthening exercises, identification of the Tantien: our center. Through physical exercise accompanied by adequate breathing and the development and implementation of each of our dance, we help us not to “accumulate”, not to create blocks on both the energy and the physical. This allows the energy to flow, the most suitable condition to start dancing.

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Costs for participants: € 70