The second week of Unplugged Dance is dedicated to playfulness, interconnected movement, and anatomical integration.

Where: Paleochori venue, Neochori, Lefkada, Ionian Islands, Greece

When: August 11 – 18, 2024

Deadline for applications: As long as there is space.
Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Body The Player The Journey with Rafaela Sahyoun & espaciopropio.augenblick with Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli & Carlos Osatinsky

Delve into biotensegrity principles, engage in games and improvisation, rediscover your body through tools inspired by Alexander and Klein Technique™. A transformative week to expand your expressive capacities through the body and to nurture collective exploration.

⫸ Rafaela Sahyoun is a Latin American from São Paulo, working in the field of arts as a dancer, choreographer, and educator. She spirals through these roles within the ever-evolving landscape of performative practices, community, and context.

The Body The Player The Journey stimulates practitioners to dance their authenticity—an invitation to modulate the dancing through mechanisms of perception, approximating each individual to their personal and collective landscapes. Charting the multidimensional anatomy of desires and tuning to its particularities, we cultivate an authorial, negotiable, collective, and physically sustainable process.

Find more about this workshop and Rafaela Sahyoun here

⫸ Carlos Osatinsky & Fernando Nicolás Pelliccioli are contemporary dancers, performers, choreographers, explorers and facilitators of movement.

espaciopropio.augenblick gives the framework for a shared process of re-discovering our own bodies from its skeletal strata as supporting and expressive means for singular and common embodying of art and life.

Find more about this workshop, Carlos Osatinsky & Fernando N.Pelliccioli here

Allow yourself to immerse in an embodied experience of unlearning, listening, encountering, and exploring.

• Gain tools regarding movement and awareness that can benefit and improve your dance practice and everyday life.
• Experience an overall sense of well-being, calmness, joy, and consciousness due to a more comprehensive use of ourselves for life and art processes.
• Observe and undo harmful movement habits, updating and enhancing full and singular attention to the environment.
• Enjoy your body and movement through dance methods beyond the pursuit of perfect form, serving a liberating process of acceptance and joy.
• Sharpen your critical skills and get in touch with your own creative tools within a safe, non-judgmental learning space and community.
• Enjoy amazing vegetarian and organic meals.
• Stay in nature in a safe and organized camp – Camp with your own tent for a budget experience or go Glamping with our new canvas bell tents.
• Engage in activities that take place in natural settings – hiking, swimming in the sea or waterfall, meditating in the woods, or simply delighting in the starry sky.
• Experience cultural and folklore events in the village.
• Unplug from modern distractions and reconnect with simplicity and tranquility while connecting with yourself.

How to register:

Costs for participants:
2 six-day workshops (36 hours) & accommodation in the campsite & 3 meals per day & programmed activities in nature: 
From 595€

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