Unplugged dance is having its first open call, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!

Where: Neochori, Lefkada, Greece

When: One week, during 22nd of August to 11th of September, the week will be determined in mutual consultation

Deadline for applications: February 10, 2022

We are currently looking for dance artists, researchers or educators in the field of dance and other practices of embodiment that are interested in sharing a workshop in our new space.

Unplugged dance is a newborn dance platform that focuses on research and education, based in the village of Neochori, Lefkada. The artist lead initiative was inspired by Kyveli Kouvatsi and Giorgos Sioras Deligiannis in research of the present independent dance scene, its ways and methods, its interests and togethernesses. Their own quest in research and education made even more important and vivid the need to connect with similar individuals that pursue a way of doing what they do with care and with the intention of sharing and communicating it. The arterial idea of Unplugged Dance has sprung from a yearning to connect dance as a practice of embodiment and other relative practices with a vivid community, in a sustainable and decentralized way that preserves the independent nature of the enterprise.

The upcoming summer Unplugged Dance will host three weeks of workshops and classes among other activities in the serene village of Neochori in Lefkada, Greece. During a full week of workshops the participants will have the chance to deepen their knowledge in contemporary practices that subjectify the corporal experience and yet are specific in method.

This first open call is seeking original workshops that emerge from personal research and are linked with practices of embodiment. Candidates must have a research of their own to share, one that leads to a specific method, methodology or simply a way of doing what they do. No special degrees are required nor years of experience, yet they will be asked to share relative material online in any way they prefer and share it through a google drive folder. If the proposed workshop has never been presented before, a more analytical presentation would be appreciated.

Leading a workshop in english in two seperate groups for six days (a total of 24 hours)
Fee of 960 euro (cost for invoice payment only)
Room to stay in the village
Three meals per day for seven days
For foreign teachers, a part of their travel expenses can be paid after arrangement

To apply
Please use a google drive folder with your name and the name of the workshop (eg. Kyveli Kouvatsi_Unplugged Dance) to upload your CV, photos, video, links or any other info you prefer in order to present your work and make it shareable with unpluggeddance@gmail.com . In case you don’t have a gmail account or you’re having trouble uploading your files, send your files directly with an email.

Free for participants.

Contact details: email: unpluggeddance@gmail.com

Due to the fact that Unplugged Dance is a new enterprise our website is still under construction till the end of January 2022. Yet, we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the project, via email.

For further information, please visit unpluggeddance.com

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